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C.E.& A. Co. have been a supplier of Poly Flex equipment for over 30 years, and as such have a good knowledge of the their products. We have supplied Poly Flex Mounts and Couplings to all types of vessels from Naval Patrol Boats to yachts that have competed many times in the great Sydney-Hobart Yacht Race.

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Both engine and drive line vibration have been an issue in the marine industry for a long time. At Poly Flex their goal is to improve this dramatically even to the point were it becomes non existent. They have developed a range of high quality engine and machinery mounts and flexible drive couplings, tailored to meet the demands of today's requirements.
Reduced Vibration - Increased Protection

Long-lasting Poly Flex flexible disc transmission couplings provide a damper between the gearbox and propeller shaft to isolate torsional vibration from the engine and gearbox. It also reduces the shock of forward and reverse gear changes. The result - the level of engine and transmission noise transmitted into the hull structure is reduced. Their couplings work in conjunction with the engine mounts by providing the softest element in the shaft assembly to improve performance. All metal components are plated in SA5 Cobalt Zinc for maximum corrosion resistance and durability.

The moulded components are manufactured from a special range of engineering heat cured polymer alloys that are highly resistant to salt-water, oil, diesel, petrol and most solvents. All their components are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured by Poly Flex.

Poly Flex offers a range of couplings to suit many applications and we can help you choose the one that is right for your job. Couplings are available for both pleasure and commercial vessels.
Poly Flex couplings are designed and manufactured to stand up to the exacting demands of a marine environment. Having said that they are not limited to the marine field, in fact Poly Flex Couplings can be used virtually anywhere a vibration absorption coupling is required
Sizes range from the three stud, 122mm diameter '303' for the Arona gearbox up to the 460mm diameter '3408' with a torque rating of 30,000Nm.

Minimise the damage
Poly Flex Couplings play a vital role in limiting damage to engines, gearboxes, shafts and skegs in the event of a mishap like an uncharted rock or errant anchor chain or rope. If the propeller is brought to a sudden halt while the engine is at full power, the flexible coupling disc will absorb much of the shock. If the force is strong enough to damage the disc, it should be possible to remove the damaged component and bolt the flanges together enabling power to be restored in order to reach base for a prompt replacement of the unit. Meanwhile engine and gearbox have been protected from what would have been much more expensive damage.

An added bonus of the Poly Flex Coupling is the electrical isolation it provides between the engine and shaft, helping to reduce electrolysis.

  To specify the correct Poly Flex Coupling for you application we will need the following information:  
Make and Model of the Gearbox.
Rated horsepower of the engine.

If we can not identify the coupling required from the gearbox make we will need the additional information:

Number and Diameter of gearbox bolt holes.
Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) of Bolt holes.
Diameter of gearbox flange spigot and male or female.
Any obstruction around the coupling.


Poly Flex mounting systems are designed as true marine propulsion engine mounts with sufficient vertical deflection to obtain proven vibration isolation. They have controlled minimum thrust and lateral deflection under propulsion load and inertia due to sea conditions. They are also designed to be directly interchangeable with those supplied with engines from the major engine manufacturers and have a fail-safe that in the event of a capsize the engine will not break away from it's bearers. Moulded components are manufactured from a special range of engineering heat cured polymer alloys.

Poly Flex mounts are also suited to the mining, defence, industrial,commercial, agricultural and automotive industries. They also manufacture mounts for instrumentation.

Poly Flex Engine Mounts have been specifically designed to provide Vibration Control combined with a high Thrust Load Resistance.

Mounts are available for working loads from 35kg to 2000 kg in a range of base configurations and core shore hardness.

Combine your Poly Flex Couplings with Poly Flex Engine Mounts to provide even more protection for your engine and gearbox and improve the vibration isolation still further.
  Also available from CE&A Co.
Also available from C.E.& A. Co.
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