Rudder Carrier Bearing    
Simple, Low Maintenance Requires NO Keys or Keyways
Self-Aligning Carrier System for Rudder and Nozzles Accepted by Classification Societies
Heavy Duty and High Capacity Rudder Carrier Bearing
The Rudder Carrier Bearing developed by C.E.& A. Co. is a simple, economical, low maintenance system designed for easy installation on rudder or nozzle arrangements.
The advantages of the Rudder Carrier Bearing are that there are no keys or keyways, therefore utilising the full diameter of the rudder stock. It also requires only parallel rudder stock, eliminating the need to machine and fit tapers. All this adds up to a saving in time and money. The low maintenance provides further long-term savings.
Mounted on top of the rudder trunk or support shelf, the Rudder Carrier Bearing supports the full load of the rudder whilst allowing it to turn smoothly. Axial load is transmitted via a high load capacity cone clamping element.
The Rudder Carrier Bearing can be supplied as a support unit only (no tiller) or complete with a Tiller Arm Attachment with custom designed tiller arms, incorporating a second and sometimes a third cone clamping element the Rudder Carrier Bearing now becomes the tiller unit as well, capable of transmitting more torque than is required by Classification Societies.
If the Rudder Carrier Bearing is mounted directly to the top of the rudder trunk, the unit now becomes a Support unit, a Tiller unit and the rudder trunk Seal unit all in one. No need to fit separate items, again a saving in installation time.
Heavy Duty Rudder Carrier Bearings are available to suit rudder stock sizes of: 60mm to 100mm in 5mm increments
100mm+ in 10mm increments
Imperial sizes are also available.
Suitable for Steel, Aluminium and Fibreglass Vessels
and we are able to customise the design to suit individual vessel requirements

Silver Yachts (WA)

MV Rabdan (ex MV Silver)
MV Dragonfly (ex MV Silver Zwie)

Length: 73m
Beam: 10m
Speed: 27 knots

Built to Lloyds Classification

2 x 150mm Heavy Duty Rudder Carrier Bearings

Torque Capacity: 45.98 kNm


Spirit of Kangaroo Island

Built by Austal Ships (WA)
Length: 50.37m
Beam: 18.25m

Maximum Speed: 17.8 knots

Rudders: 2 x Articulated rudders for greater maneuverability in tight areas.

2 x 100mm Heavy Duty Rudder Carriers Bearings.

Torque Capacity 28.8 kNm.


Philippines Navy Search and Rescue Vessels

Built by Tenix Shipbuilding (WA)

4 Vessels built

Length: 56m
Displacement: 540 tonnes
Speed: 26 knots

130mm Heavy Duty Rudder Carrier Bearing
with extended Base to incorporate full length upper
rudder Trunk Bearing

Spade Rudders


Research Vessel - Fly Explorer

Built by Sarawak Shipyard - Miri, Malaysia

Length: 34.55m
Beam: 8m
Speed: 11 knots

2 x 100mm Heavy Duty Rudder Carrier Bearing

Captain Cook Cruises - Reef Endeavour

2 x 240mm Heavy Duty Rudder Carrier Bearings

High Capacity Rudder Carrier Bearing  

Silver Yachts (WA)

Hull 003
MV Silver Fast

Length: 77m
Beam: 10m
Speed: 27 knots

Built to Lloyds Classification

2 x 150mm High Capacity Rudder Carrier Bearings.

Torque Capacity: 1038 kNm



Adelaide Ship Construction International used the Heavy Duty Rudder Carrier Bearing exclusively on their Trawlers and Purse Seiner vessels


Trawlers - 75mm Rudder Carrier Bearings

Purse Seiner - 100mm Rudder Carrier Bearings

To simplify 'drawing in' a C.E.& A. Co. Rudder Carrier Bearing you can send us a .DWG file of the rudder trunk and we will draw it in for you.
Standard Duty Rudder Carrier Bearing  
The Standard Rudder Carrier Bearing has been developed from our very successful Heavy Duty Rudder Carrier Bearings to suit vessels such as yachts, catamarans, motor cruisers and work boats with stocks under 70mm diameter. Utilising a system where NO keys or keyways are required saves time and money in installation and maintenance. All that is required is a straight parallel rudder stock. Manufactured from quality materials the Standard Duty Rudder Carrier Bearing is engineered to last. Simple and efficient, it has proven cost effective when compared with a keyed system. Tiller Arms or Quadrants can be attached direct to the Rudder Carrier Bearing, eliminating the need to fit additional equipment to the rudder stock.
Standard Duty Rudder Carrier Bearing Bodies
Aluminium (left) - Admiralty Gunmetal (right)
Standard Duty Rudder Carrier Bearing
AGM body with custom Tiller connection to customer requirements
Standard Duty Rudder Carrier Bearing with Tiller Arm connection for Hydraulic Cylinder and cross-connecting Tie Bar (Twin Rudders)
Rudder Trunk System  
Sometimes a full Rudder Carrier Bearing is not required or if installation space is limited, we can custom design and manufacture a Rudder Trunk System.
This can incorporate the Rudder Trunk - in either Steel, Aluminium or Fibreglass - Upper and Lower Bearings, Seals, Support Boss and Tiller Arm. Or we can supply the carrier part of the system to fit into your rudder trunk.
The principle and quality of materials are the same as we would use when supplying a Heavy Duty Rudder Carrier Bearing.
  Also available, CEA-Seal for oil lubricated sterntubes.
  Also available from C.E.& A. Co.
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