Marine Bearings  

C.E.& A. Co. have for many years supplied various types and styles of propeller shaft and rudder bearings either in the raw state
(to be finished machined on site) or a fully finished bearings ready to fit.

These bearings and materials include the non-metallic materials Tufnol 'Bear' Brand and Thordon XL and SXL along with the rubber lined bearings of Duramax and Countrose.

By being able to supply a range of materials we can cover a wide variety of applications, click on the name below to find out more.

Tufnol   Non-metallic Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric (SRBF) materials primarily for water lubricated sterntubes but can be used in oil.
Thordon   Non-metallic Elastomeric materials - water lubricated.
Duramax   Rubber-lined bearings with Naval Brass or non-metallic housings


  Also available from C.E.& A. Co.
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