TUFNOL Industrial Laminates

C.E.& A. Co. have a great knowledge of this material having supplied, machined and fitted many thousands of bearings over many years.

  At C.E.& A. Co. we believe we have the best knowledge of this material in the country. Why? Because company founder, Gerry Matthews, was Tufnol's first Marine Engineer in England before immigrating to Australia. Having the knowledge of the material and working in the marine field Gerry found the material was not available here and instigated its importation and use. Still active in the company Gerry has now been using and specifying TUFNOL for over 40 years.
We hold an extensive range of the rolled and moulded 'Bear' brand material on our shelves ready to ship around the country or to machine to a finished bearing.
We also have superior access to any stocks held around Australia for shipment direct to our customers.

is available in a wide variety of materials and grades for use in a multitude of applications, however, here we will concentrate on 'BEAR' brand. 'BEAR' brand is the only grade that should be used in sterntube and rudder applications.

TUFNOL laminates are non-metallic and light in weight, they are resistant to corrosion and will not deteriorate with age, they are electrical insulators and are mechanically strong, they are tough and wear resistant. The combination of these properties makes TUFNOL laminates ideal materials for designers and engineers in all industries. They can be used in applications either where no traditional materials are suitable or, as in many already proved cases, to replace existing materials to advantage.
BEAR BRAND TUFNOL is a medium weave synthetic resin bonded material developed specifically as a bearing material for use with water and other common lubricants and is capable of operating satisfactorily in many heavy duty conditions such as rudder and sterntube bearings in large ocean-going vessels.

HMAS Tobruk Sterntube Bearing.
Bearing Stave sections fitted to Bearing Housing

BEAR BRAND TUFNOL can be also be used with oil or grease as a lubricant.
The resin content in BEAR BRAND TUFNOL has been controlled to give the minimum of swelling when immersed in water and when immersed the the rate of swelling is predictable and tolerance can be given to prevent seizure and to give the best results when in service.
For sterntube and rudder stocks, bearings up to 230mm (9") outside diameter, tube material is available in lengths of 584mm (23"). For bearings over this diameter custom made stave bearings are manufactured from sheet material.
Additional Tufnol Grades
Paper Based Phenolic -
Heron Brand
Kite Brand
Swan Brand
Grade 2P/20
Grade 1P/21
Grade 1P/13
Cotton Fabric Based Phenolic -
Carp Brand
Lynx Brand
Vole Brand
Grade 2F/14
Whale Brand
Bear Brand
Crow Brand
Primarily designed as electrical insulating materials with good mechanical properties. Commonly used for a variety of applications including terminal boards, mounting panels, busbar supports, tag strips, and non-rubbing sleeves and bushes. The cotton fabric based phenolic grades of TUFNOL are well know for their toughness, mechanical strength and wear resistance: in addition to they are good electrical insulators. They are frequently selected for a wide range mechanical and electro-mechanical components such as bearings, cams, contact carriers, gears, rollers and insulated linkages.
NOTE: Not all of the above grade are readily available in Australia.
Physical Properties of some grades
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